Monday, October 3, 2011

Strawberries of my past...

So, finally after many promises its time for me to start posting pictures of work that I have done. These pictures are about a year old, but I still love them and the idea for them was great. My son Colin absolutly loves strawberries, more than anything! For the first party of the year last year his class was having a 'T' party.. We had to come up with something that started with a 'T', and what did he want to bring??? Of course, strawberries. Yet, that didnt start with a 'T'. So, after thinking about it I figured it out! Tuxedo strawberries! He was thrilled and honestly I was thrilled too!

They are always so fun to make, even though I will admitt I REALLY wish I had a double boiler! I use chocolate so much that having one would come in handy, but a bowl over a boiling pot of water seems to work just fine... for now.

I delivered these to the school, all the office ladies were drooling. And highly disappointed when I told them they were for my sons 2nd grade class. Lucky little kids! After school all I heard about was how big a hit they were and how much everyone loved them. I loved seeing the smiles, even loved being stopped walking out of the school by mothers, I didnt know, who just wanted to know how I made them. I was kind of shocked that some people really didnt know how to make tuxedo strawberries.

A few weeks later it was Colins birthday. Of, course he wanted me to make something for him to share with his classmates to celebrate. I had to be creative and thought about what I could do, be simple enough for kids, but original at the same time.

This is what I came up with:

Strawberry cupcakes. Not only did they look like strawberries, but they tasted like strawberries too. Every part of these pretty little things had strawberry all over it. Except the stem and leaves, which were minty gummy goodness. Again another hit with not only my extatic son but the kids, teachers, and mothers.

Now a year later Im looking back at some of the stuff I have done and realize how much others liked it. Puts a smile on my and helps me realize that maybe just maybe Chamber Cakes will be the success I dream it to be. I love what I do and only hope that everyone else will too.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my strawberry treats....

until next time...

~Remember to NEVER skip your dessert~