Tuesday, October 25, 2011


As I promised I would take lots and lots and lots of pictures as I made my first official 'big' cake, boy do I have pictures to share with you!

This is how my night started... (a week ago..)

Making Gum Paste! My daughter was so curious what I was doing and what I was making. When I told her gum paste she itterally thought I was making gum! Oh to be young again! Once it was in the bag she so badly wanted to touch it, wondering if it was soft, I let her and the look on her face was precious. Like she was surprised that it was really soft.

Ok anyway back to the ladybugs.. I had planned on molding them all by hand and then hand painting them. But since I do work full time, and am a full time mother, its one small step at a time. Which is why I can never find the time to blog and post as much as I want to. So, after finishing making my gum paste it sat in the bag overnight.

The next night....



So those are my lady buys... and yes even though my cake is completely done I feel like a little anticipation is in order.. for those of you who have not seen it yet!

Until tomorrow...

Steal a cookie, Share a piece of cake, Get that candy bar while waiting in line at the grocery store, Get your sweets in while you can :)