Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Halloween Monsters

Anyone who knows me knows that I am always looking for an excuse to bake something fun. I mean yes its easy to just get your bowl, measuring cups, flour, sugar etc out and start whipping something up. BUT my problem is what do I do with it when I'm done? I cannot just have it sitting in my house becuase then I gaurantee that I would be as big as my house. Plus I think its alot more fun for me to be able to bake it then see the smiles on people faces, watch them be amazed at the work I had done. Its a big part of this that makes it all fun to me.

So, clearly like I have previously stated I bake ALOT for my kids classes. Im just waiting for the next note to come home telling me of a party or celebration of some sort! Even though some times Im really disappointed when I do not get the notes until the night before, makes it nearly impossible to make 30+ anything at that point. Last year I only had my boys in elementry school, so when it was holiday time I only had 60 - 70 cupcakes to bake. Oh did I say ONLY?!?! That is truely an understatment, I always plan big, the bigger the better. Which in turn ends up being a couple extra hours worth of work that I could have eliminated if I choose my deisgns better. Then again, the extra work is totally worth it when Im done and get too look at the finished product. Yes, Im always tired, and so is Darrel since he sits up with me until I'm done (I know I'm a lucky girl).

Halloween is always the first big classroom celebration. I spent weeks planning on all the different cupcakes I was going to make. Went on multiple candy hunts, which I normally fell short of lucky. When that happened I was back to the drawing board trying to figure out what the next best design could be. Like I said I took weeks to decide and make sure I had what I needed. I bet by now your wondering what could I have done... not that its really worth all the build up, just kind of fun to do though!

Girl and Boy Monster Cupcakes

I did a mix of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, and then decorated my monsters! You can only imagine how much everyone loved them and I was happy with the final product. Now with Halloween upon us again, Im back to my drawing board trying to figure out what I will be planning this year. Did I mention that now all 3 kids are in elementry school! So Ill definatly have to preplan, and bake ahead of decorating, or I might become a monster myself.

If you have any ideas of things you would like to see please feel free to let me know, or if your interested in some gooley, spooky, fun treats for your halloween bash you can contact me to discuss your order!

Remember Halloween isnt just for kids to go Trick or Treating.. We deserve something yummy too!