Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Beginning of something Sweet

Welcome to Chamber Cakes and Creations. What I hope will turn into something that takes over and changes the traditional idea of what a cake or cupcake is. For now its all word of mouth and trying to get my name out there. One day maybe sooner than later I'll have the opportunity to turn my dreams into reality and open a store front and welcome in every Sweet Tooth with a smile.

A little about me, Im 23 years old and a step mother of three. Two boys who are 10 and 8, and our little girl who is 5. Between the school year just starting and working full time, plus you cannot forget about the busy home life; Ive decided that its time to do something for me. Even with my nonstop life I plan on adding my own buisness in the mix. This was a really hard choice for me since as it is I feel like we have no time to be adding to our schedules. Yet, thankfully I have a very supportive man who thinks that this would be good for me. He understand how much I enjoy baking and of course he loves being my guinnea pig too. In reality baking has been a passion of mine since I was young. Growing up watching my father bake, primarily during the holiday season. Ill always remember the smell of my dad's cheesecake, and Grandma's magic bars. I think its important for a child to grow up with homemade treats in the house and to have memories of getting to lick the bowl when Mom, or Dad in my case, is done. This is something I want my children to remember (my daughter loves to crack the eggs for me).

So as time goes on I hope this blog can show people who I am personally and professionally. I love what I do, with high hopes that everyone else will too. I am self taught with almost everything I make, with very few recipes on my shelf. I love to experiement with flavors and new ingredients. Every batch, cookie, cake, cupcake and truffle are just a little different and have something special to offer your tastebuds.

I am excited to see where this can take me. I also hope that I will be able to start recieving orders, and make the most of this opportunity. I thank you for taking the time to be interesed in my endevores and I hope to bake something for your next event.

~ D ~